Vinamilk ads among most viewed on YouTube (Source: VNA)

– Vietnam’s largest dairy producer Vinamilk said its advertisement on
YouTube was among the top 10 most watched ads on the channel in the Asia –
Pacific region from July 2016 – July 2017 recently released by Google.

Vinamilk led the four
Vietnamese brands listed in the top ten. 

The YouTube
Ads Leaderboard not only honours the agencies behind the outstanding ads
but also shows the boom in the creative industry in the Asia – Pacific region,
particularly in Vietnam.

According to
Google’s analysis, what makes the ranked ads successful is they are about
telling stories rather than selling products. They also have attractive music
and actors.

The long video
advertising Vinamilk’s Dielac Alpha baby powder milk features a
three-generation family, whose members care for each other, therefore racking a
massive view counts.

The ranking is
determined by an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views,
and click-throughs. The higher the rate between organic and paid view is, the
better, according to a representative of Google Asia.

The ranking proves
the attraction of the Vinamilk brand name and its ads video.-VNA