VinGroup and Bosch signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Hanoi on October 12 under which Bosch will become a supplier of the VINFAST project. (Photo: VNA)

– Bosch Vietnam, a German multinational engineering and electronics firm,
will be a supplier of technology and services for VinGroup’s automobile and
electrical motorbike project VINFAST.

VinGroup and Bosch
signed in Hanoi on October 12 a Memorandum of Understanding which noted down the
German-based group’s commitments to providing its Vietnamese partner with
automotive parts and software and other software for design, virtual
interaction, and customer development.

The two groups will together
develop global cutting-edge technologies for VINFAST to produce car models with
advanced functions and bring outstanding experience to customers.

The MoU includes
Bosch providing smart campus solutions for Vietnam’s first automobile
manufacturing complex, namely safety solution, smart security, connected
mobility and connected industry.

Invested by Vinfast manufacturing and trade company – an
affiliate of Vingroup – the 335-hectare complex is expected to roll out a
five-seater sedan model, a seven-seater sports utility vehicle model and an
electric motorbike meeting European standards during the first stage.

designed capacity is estimated at 100,000 – 200,000 vehicles per year. Its
first product in the next 12 month will be electric motorbike model while
automobiles will be made in the next 24 months. 

Bosch will also help
VINFAST establish a German-standard human resources training centre to develop
skilled workers capable of operating advanced manufacturing lines and receiving
transfer of technological know-how from other countries.-VNA